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The only Mod that is available in multiple colour variants offers several features. It is from Aero Mods which is a high-rated Messaging & Reeling app, Developed by Hazar Bozkurt. #No.1 Instagram Mod Apk!

[100% Safe & Secure]

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Don’t Crop Stories

Hide View Stories

Hide View live

Triple Tap to Save Photos

Security Lock

Disable Ads

Increase Reel Upload Quality

Copy Text

Hide Typing Status

60 Second Stories

Add Unlimited Accounts

Fast Forward Videos

Developer Options

Colored Themes

Aero Insta is the Modified Version of the Original Instagram Developed by Hazar Bozkurt. It allows you to Download any Photos, Videos, and Reels Directly. You can also Hide your Online Status, Change the Default Themes, Fonts, and do tons of interesting things that are not available in the original one that you’re about to enjoy with Aero Insta.

While the invention of Facebook who thought that Instagram is also going to rule the world. When it comes to Reeling, Instagram rules number one. But the lacking feature of Instagram makes people feel bored as we have been using it since 2010.

There are almost 5 Million worldwide users of Aero Insta. It’s a game changer for Instagrammers, I am personally using this app for a long time, and believe me, I am fully satisfied with this app. It feels unique while using it. You can easily impress your friends by showing them the Various features of Aero Insta.

This article covers everything about Aero Insta, like how to install it, its features, frequently asked questions, and download the app. Can’t wait? Let’s dive in.

What is Aero Insta?

The AeroInsta Mod APK is a free Instagram Mod APK that offers you more improved features so that you can control several privacy features like your messages, stories, posts, and so on.

Did you ever think how secure is using social media platforms? Some of the websites may not be secure for your business. We mainly focus on likes, followers, and fame, while some apps are not secure for our information. The AeroInsta Mod APK provides you full control over privacy settings, account settings, and customization settings.

Instagram vs AeroInsta

Download Everything
Hide Read MessageOther people never understand that you read their messages.
Hide Typing InformationTyping status won’t be shown to others.
Hide View StoriesStory owners are never informed that you view their stories.
Hide View liveYou can stalk someone’s live without letting them know you.
Disable Ads
Hide Shopping Ads
Security Lock
(Fingerprint & Pin)
Remove Recommended Friends
Disable Analytics
Upload Photos In Max Quality
Improve Photo Quality
Enable Swipe To NavigateSwipe to open camera & DM
In App Browser
Add Unlimited Accounts
Heart Icon
Don’t Crop Stories
Disable Stories Autoskip
Increase Reel Upload Quality
Increase Story Upload Quality
60 Second Story
Rectangular Story Style
Neon Font
Remove Liked posts
Fast Forward VideosForward-Rewind Videos
Developer Options
Colored Themes (Red, coral, gold, blue, pink, green, extra black, and dark mode)

Rich Features of Aero Insta

The AeroInsta Mod APK offers you several advanced features that will make you blown: and that’s why Aeroinsta stands different from other social Mod applications:

Download Chat Media Files

Download button on a post aeroinsta

Remember when we had to use third-party websites to download photos and videos to the phone gallery? We copy the link of those videos/Reels and then download them using third-party websites which is a bit of a time-consuming process.

Alternatively, we could screenshot the photos but that would only result in low-resolution pictures in the phone gallery. When AeroInsta realizes users’ pain, it allows us to tap and hold to save the photos and videos directly from our DMs into the phone gallery or camera roll.

While on the other hand, the AeroInsta Mod APK offers you a download button. Simply enable it from the Download options and click the download button and all your media including chats, voices, photos, and videos will be downloaded respectively.

Download Posts With Triple-Tap

AeroInsta allows you to download or save photos on your feed with a triple tap on the screen. While Official Instagram lacks this feature. One tap opens the post and two taps like the uploads on your IG feed. The same is on the AeroInsta as well.

Save Downloaded Media By Username

Original Instagram never provides you with any information regarding the username of your downloaded photos and videos into your phone gallery. While on the other hand, AeroInsta allows you to download your posts to a subdirectory created with the username of the Instagram you have downloaded.


The AeroInsta Mod APK offers you multiple privacy features for your safety, unlike other APK Mods.

Hide Stories

Hide read message, Hide typing information, hide view stories aeroinsta

Aeroinsta Mod APK is fully concerned about the story setting and privacy of users. This is why it allows you to hide your stories. In addition, AeroInsta allows you to watch somebody’s story without even knowing them. You won’t be seen in his viewer list as long as you’ve enabled the hide story settings.

Hide Read Messages/ Ghost Mode

Do you want to read your DMs in your chat without knowing them? Well! Install the AeroInsta Mod APK into your phone right now. This Mod allows you to read messages in your chat without the other person receiving a read receipt.

Hide Typing Information

Do you need to write a long paragraph to somebody in your chat? Well! No worries. AeroInsta Mod APK offers you a hide typing feature that will hide your Typing status. Simply go to the privacy setting and enable this feature. Once you’ve enabled it, nobody can see your typing mode.

Hide View Live

Do you want to stalk someone’s live stream without even them knowing? Well! Then make sure to install the Aero Insta Mod APK because it offers you a hide view live feature. Enable this feature and walk to anyone’s live stream and they won’t even know until you send them messages.

Hide Messages Notification

Aeroinsta offers you a hide messages notification setting. Simply enable this setting if you want to protect your contents in the chats from prying eyes. This improved feature gives you more privacy, unlike other social media platforms. You can enable these hiding & privacy settings from here.

Security/Lock Preferences

Security is essential for any social media user whether it’s their account or smartphone, and AeroInsta provides you with the lock and key to secure your Instagram account. AeroInsta lets you create a pin code or a fingerprint to protect your account from falling into the wrong hands. You can even reset your security code as per your need.

Set Timeout

AeroInsta lets you set a timeout for security preferences to lock your Instagram account once the set time expires. You can set your account timeout in seconds, minutes, and even hours. I prefer to set a timeout in seconds because I’m a protective person.

Set Background

AeroInsta allows you to set background images while scanning fingerprints or entering passwords instead of using the default app appearance. You can display images of your choice from the phone gallery of your smartphone. Moreover, you can change the background color while you’re at it.

Multiple Colored Themes

AeroInsta Mod APK comes in multiple color variants which means you can activate colored themes in various colors such as red, coral, gold, blue, pink, green, extra black, and dark mode even if your phone doesn’t support it.

Disable Ads

Disable ads, hide shopping ads aeroinsta

Nowadays, we’re watching a variety of ads on different social media platforms including Instagram as well. We’re tired of watching those ads. If you also want to remove all ads on your Instagram account, then you should install AeroInsta Mod APK on your smartphone.

Aeroinsta offers you a feature that allows you to hide all ads on your Instagram account. Simply go to settings and enable the hide ads setting to remove all kinds of ads on your Instagram account.

No More Recommended Friends

Are you tired of watching recommended Instagram accounts of strangers on your account? No worries! Insta Aero offers you a feature that you can use to remove all your recommended friends on your Instagram account. Enable this feature to avoid strangers.

Enjoy High-Resolution Photos

It’s annoying when Instagram reduces the actual size of your photos while uploading. Instagram also reduces the quality of photos we upload on it. On the other hand, AeroInsta lets you disable this restriction. Even you can increase the resolution of your photos on it.

Increase Story/Reels Upload Quality

Increase reels upload quality, Disable stories autoskip aeroinsta

Do you want to increase the quality of your videos while uploading? Well! Install AeroInsta right now on your smartphone.

Aeroinsta allows you to increase the resolutions of your reels or stories while uploading on your Instagram account. 

Fast Forward or Rewind Videos

You can fast-forward & rewind videos on Aero Instagram. This is one of the better features because no one wants to waste his/her time giving normal time watching a video, Fast forwarding will help you save time.

Disable Stories Autoskip

Sometimes, you get to watch interesting stories of your friends that you don’t want to skip. But unfortunately, the stories auto skip and you have to start all over again or constantly place your finger to watch those stories. But this finger method is best for photos, not videos because when you hold onto the screen, the video stops. With the AeroInsta Mod Apk, you can automatically disable stories auto skip to prevent them from moving to the next story until you touch the screen.

Remove Seen Post

Are you tired of watching the same uploads day by day on your IG feed? Me too! The best option is to install AeroInsta on your smartphone. Aeroinsta allows you to hide the posts you’ve already seen from your feed and provides you with fresh content all day long.


AeroInsta allows you to change your themes, posts, background colors, chat options, notifications settings, home page gradient color mode and so on. Choose your own unique color to get the best experience.

Developer Mode

Tips & techniques for Instagram developer mode

These Aero Insta developer mode hints and instructions can help you make the most of it.
Due to updates and features that are added and removed with each update, this publication is open to change at any time:)

Just hold down the news feed’s home button to select “Modify Quick Experiment Settings” and enter developer mode.

Add Stickers to stories Of AeroInsta

Developer options to add stickers to stories.
stickers to stories of aeroinsta

Increase the Quality of Published Photos

Increase the Quality of Published Photos
Look into each of these options, activate them all. In the latter hold on top of the option and change it to 100 from 70.

Change the Page Refreshing Icon

Change the Page Refreshing Icon

Change the Layout of Actions in Photos

Change the layout of actions in photos disabled
Change the layout of actions in photos enabled

Change the Look of Gallery Display

Change the Look of Gallery Display

Show Recent Gifs in Direct

Show Recent Gifs in Direct

Show the Time, The Message Was Seen in the Direct

Show the time the message was seen in the direct
Ex: Seen 3 minutes ago

Enable the Option to Rewind & Advance the Video in the Feed

Enable the Option to Rewind & Advance the Video in the Feed

Shortcuts When Touching & Holding the APP Icon

Shortcuts When Touching & Holding the APP Icon

Change the Color of the Front Camera Flash in Stories.

To change: long press on the setting.

IMPORTANT: the color of the flash must be inserted in HEX format only.

Change the Color of the Front Camera Flash in Stories.

Unlimited Photo Upload to Direct

Unlimited Photo Upload to Direct

Tutorial Videos

Download Aero Instagram for Android

App NameAero Insta
Size∼78 MB
DeveloperHazar Bozkurt
RequirementsUp to 2Gb Ram
Android VersionFine with 9+
CPU architectureARM64-v8a
LanguageMulti-Language Support
Last Updated1 day ago

How to Install Aero Insta APK?

To begin, download the Aero Insta APK from our website.

Then follow these Steps to Install Aero Insta on your android device:

  • Step 1: Go to the downloaded page in the browser or you can even find it in the file manager.
  • Step 2: Click on it to install and make sure to Enable Unknown-Sources permission.
tick unknown sources animation aeroinsta
  • Step 3: Wait for a few seconds until it installs onto your smartphone.
  • Step 4: After installation, tap to open the app.
  • Step 5: Login if you already have your IG account or create a new Instagram account.
  • Step 6: Now, enjoy it to the fullest.

Other Screenshots

People Also Ask

What Is AeroInsta Apk?

Aeroinsta is a Mod version of the official Instagram that offers you several additional features. These features include removing seen posts, homepage customizations, increase upload quality, Ghost mode, and more.

Will Aero Insta harm my Instagram account?

No. Aero Insta will not harm your Insta account.

Does Insta Aero store the data of our accounts?

No. Aero Insta does not store or share your data about your account and smartphone.

Is AeroInsta Safe To Use?

Yes, Instagram Aero is entirely safe to install and browse.

Is Aero Insta app paid?

No. It’s not a paid app and will never be a paid app.

Can I Install AeroInsta From the Play Store?

No, AeroInsta isn’t available on the play store because it is a third-party developed app. You can download via the link provided above.

Is AeroInsta Free To Use?

Yes, it is 100% free to install and use AeroInsta on your smartphone.

How Can I Install & Use AeroInsta Onto My Smartphone?

To install AeroInsta on your smartphone read down the steps below:

👉 Simply click once on the above link and download the app.
👉 Next, install the app.
👉 Open the app on your smartphone.
👉 Create your IG account but if you already have your IG account, log in using the same information.

Can we use Instagram and Aeroinsta on the same device?

Yes, There are 2 packages, Unclone & Clone. You have to download Clone Version in order to use both apps together.

What If I Be Banned from Using Aeroinsta?

if you got banned uninstall your Aero insta and install it again.

Where can I find more themes?

You can apply many colored themes available on the download page.

How to always get the latest version of the application?

You can always download the latest version of the application from our Website.

Best Alternative to Aero Insta?

There are many similar Instagram mods available Like Instagram ++, GB Instagram, Insta Thunder, Instander, and many more.

Disadvantages of using Aero Insta Apk

A coin flip offers you a similar chance of getting two different sides. The use of Aero Insta MOD APK has advantages as well as some disadvantages. We’ll be upfront with you about everything because we don’t want to play with your trust.

Enjoyment doesn’t come without a cost, and the price structure will have an impact on you in the ways listed below for Aero insta:

  1. While using a modified Aero insta, your account can least probably get banned by Instagram servers. It’d be a temporary ban, but we’d recommend you try a different number for this Aero insta than your official account.
  2. Using some highly restricted features frequently can slowly bring your account to the point of being destroyed.

I’m done now! There are only two of them, and once you decide whether you can handle them, Aeroinsta will work for you. On the other hand, if you disagree with these drawbacks, you can continue to be happy and bored with the official Instagram application.

Aero Insta Or Instagram Aero for PC

AeroInsta For Pc: Here is the solution if you want to download and use Aeroinsta app on your Windows computer. Follow the steps below:

Aeroinsta App does not have a web version, an EXE file, or a direct PC installation option, but you can still use it on a pc or laptop by using an Android Emulator. A piece of software called an emulator lets us run many operating systems virtually on our PC. So you can use Aeroinsta on both a Windows computer and a Mac computer.

  1. Install Bluestacks on your laptop or computer after downloading it.
  2. Open the Bluestacks App Player and use the browser to access
  3. Install the most recent version of Aeroinsta Apk on that emulator.
  4. Log in using your existing account or make a new one.
  5. Hurray! You’re done now! You may now use Aero Instagram on your computer, laptop, or desktop.

There are various Android emulators available, including LDPlayer, MuMu Player, Remix Os Player, Nox Player, and many more. This is not required to use Bluestack. Use one of them in accordance with the hardware setup of your PC.

Wrapping Up

AeroInsta offers you several additional and more improved features like downloading media in the gallery, triple tap to save photos, remove seen posts, disable stories auto skip, and other advanced features. Lastly, I would like to tell you that AeroInsta Apk provides you with more backup control and has fantastic features that are surely gonna make your browsing fun & perplexing.

Its very safe to use because User logins are automatically sent to the official Instagram to enable login instead of being saved on the Aeroinsta app server.

You can download this app from this site to use its Mind-blowing features, If any problem occurs, please let us know.

Disclaimer complies with 17 U.S.C. * 512 and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). It is our policy to respond to any infringement notices and take appropriate action. If your copyrighted material has been posted on the site and you want this material removed, Contact us.

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We are not associated with the AeroInsta or Instagram in any means. Instagram is a registered trademark of Instagram Inc. &

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