How To Switch From Official Instagram To AeroInsta 2023? Complete Guide 

Are you tired of using the official Instagram app with less improved features in comparison to AeroInsta? Well! In this article, I will be providing you with step-by-step tutorials to switch from official Instagram to AeroInsta?

Here are the few quick and easy steps to download and use AeroInsta Mod APK on your smartphone;

  • Firstly download the AeroInsta Mod APK from the link provided by our site.
  • Simply install it into your smartphone.
  • Open the app after installation.
  • Login if you already have an Instagram account.
  • If you don’t own an Instagram account or want to create a new account, you can sign up and fill in all the required information to create a new Instagram account.
  • No Rocket Science, this way, you can easily switch from official Instagram to AeroInsta.

However, if you want to use both official Instagram and AeroInsta on your smartphone, make sure to download the clone version of AeroInsta.

But bear in mind that, if you download the Unclone version of AeroInsta you can’t use official Instagram on your smartphone.

Why Do I Prefer To Switch From Official Instagram To AeroInsta?

There are plenty of reasons to switch from official Instagram to AeroInsta such as,

  1. Downloads: AeroInsta provides you more improved features in terms of downloading media chats and videos. Simply activate the download button and eventually, you will see your media including photos, chats, audios, and videos will be downloaded.
  2. Privacy: Privacy is the best policy! With the AeroInsta Mod APK, you will get more features in terms of privacy such as you can read messages in your DMs without knowing the sender, you can view live without letting the live streamer know, you can see stories of your friends without letting him/her to know, you can hide typing information and so on. 
  3. Security: security is mandatory whether it’s your home, smartphone or social media account. AeroInsta protects your Instagram account from bad eyes, allowing you to create a pin code or fingerprint. In this way, only you can open your Instagram account using AeroInsta.
  4. Disable Ads: while scrolling on Instagram, you may have seen a lot of ads showing but unfortunately you can’t disable those ads on the official Instagram app. While AeroInsta allows you to disable ads with just a simple tap on the button.
  5. Remove Recommendation: AeroInsta allows you to remove recommended friends while you can’t remove recommended friends from the official Instagram app.
  6. Story Time: Aeroinsta allows you to upload stories of up to 60 seconds while the official Instagram allows you to upload stories up to 15 seconds.
  7. Coloured Themes: AeroInsta offers you up to 10 different coloured themes, while Instagram lacks color themes.
  8. Remove Seen Post: If you’re tired of watching the same posts again and again and wanna remove the seen posts from your scroll, make sure to install the AeroInsta on your smartphone. The official Instagram has no such features that allow you to remove seen posts.

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Final Words

AeroInsta has been such a great third-party developed application that offers you more improved features than the official one. And the interesting part is that you can even use both official Instagram and AeroInsta on your smartphone if you download the clone version. Simply follow the above quick guides if you want to switch from official Instagram to AeroInsta. Hope, you enjoy it to the fullest.

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